Clothing leaves washer dryer hot and hot 

Clothing wet and hot If clothing on a drying cycle leaves a washer dryer hot and hot there is an issue with the consolidating procedure. Condenser washer dryers go the steam through a plastic chamber on the back of the external drum. Amid the drying cycle a relentless stream of frosty water keeps running into the highest point of this chamber. At the point when steam hits the frosty water it gathers again into water. The water keeps running into the base of the external drum and is pumped down the deplete as typical. 

Unmistakably the warming component is working OK if the clothing is hot and there is steam in the drum when you open the entryway. The hot steam created by drying simply isn't being managed. This is probably going to be for one of two reasons 

No chilly water is running into the condenser chamber 

There's a devoted valve with a stream restrictor providing water into the condenser chamber. In the event that the primary fill valve was broken the clothes washer would bomb on the wash cycle first so the principle water valve or pipes isn't a suspect (unless there's low water weight perhaps). It's anything but difficult to see the devoted condenser water valve (solenoid). It is joined to a little hose prompting to a huge plastic compartment at the back of the external drum. In the event that you comprehend what you are doing you can watch that the solenoid hasn't gone open circuit. Water valves have a high resistance and could seem open circuit contingent upon what sort of test meter is utilized. In the event that I recollect accurately they are regularly around 200 Ohms. On the off chance that you have a fitting test meter contrast the resistance and alternate valves. They ought to be fundamentally the same as. 

The water stream into the condenser chamber is generally just a stream. This is not a blame. For the steam to be consolidated into water there ought to be some water always running into the chamber on the drying cycle. 

The dense water can't keep running into the primary drum to be pumped away 

Another blame is when water is streaming in, yet a blockage at the base of the condenser chamber is preventing it from running into the fundamental drum to be pumped away. Flaws with the primary pump would deliver similar indications – yet they would likewise bring about shortcomings in the clothes washer cycle. It may be conceivable to watch that water is gradually ascending inside the base of this chamber. Water ought to run straight through into the external drum. 

Inadequately composed condenser loads can gather cushion inside or can collect gunge hindering the way from the load to inside the principle drum.